Welcome to the Office of Learning & Teaching

In the context of learning and teaching, Bond University prides itself on five distinguishing characteristics: a culture of teaching excellence, innovative teaching methods and curriculum, a high quality learning environment, embedded graduate employability, and a quality assured personalised learning experience. The Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) seeks to lead and support all academics to continuously improve on this excellence and make an outstanding contribution to student learning. 

Bond OLT is aligned with four key actions of the Bond University Strategic Plan (2013-2017). This plan outlines key goals identified as intrinsic to maintaining Bond’s position as Australia’s leading independent university.

  • Develop new delivery methods that involve blended learning that is centred on staff-student interaction supplemented by educational technology.
  • Build a set of activities and events that communicate the influence and impact of Bond’s activities, especially learning and teaching research and community.
  • Enhance the distinctiveness of our student experience by focusing on personal development and the concept of a graduate portfolio.
  • Ensure the highest quality of teaching.

In keeping with these strategic actions, Bond OLT has four key goals:

  1. Provide professional development / training to academics and pedagogical / multimedia design consultation to improve blended learning to threshold standards.
  2. Extend the influence and impact of Bond’s contribution to higher education learning and teaching through nominations and proposals for internal and external awards and projects.
  3. Evaluate, improve, and enhance learning aspects of the student experience by working collaboratively with faculties through the University Learning and Teaching Committee, and students through the Student Association.
  4. Sustain the highest quality of teaching across the university through administering, reporting, and improving teaching based on student evaluation of subjects and teaching (TEVALs), in addition to conducting professional development workshops on a demand-driven basis on such topics as tutor-training and early career teaching.

Now is an exciting time to be learning and/or teaching at Bond. I encourage you to continue to cultivate and promote a culture of innovation and excellence in learning and teaching across the University.

Professor Keitha Dunstan
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)