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Bond University graduate attributes

Bond University is committed to ensuring that our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to be highly successful in their endeavours. Changing workforce demands mean that while our graduates still require deep content knowledge in their chosen discipline, they also need to develop broader skills to meet the challenges of the future. The University has identified the Bond University Graduate Attributes that our graduates need to be outstanding global leaders of the future.The Bond University Graduate Attributes are embedded in the Core subjects and in all undergraduate programs of the University.

These graduate attributes are conceptualised to cluster at three different levels.  At the centre are the graduate attributes that relate to the Bond Graduate as an individual. These individual attributes underpin the development of the Bond Graduate at the intermediate level as a member of a collective, as a Collaborator, and then at the highest level as a member of society, a Global Citizen. Figure 1 sets out the key attributes that underpin each of the three levels. 

Fig 1. Bond University Graduate Attributes

Bond University graduates have well advanced cognitive attributes that enable them to acquire knowledge and understanding throughout their lives (life-long learning). They have acquired the literacies necessary to create, think critically, problem-solve and make decisions within diverse and challenging environments. Specifically, they identify when further enquiry is necessary and effectively analyse, evaluate, and use information (information literacy).  

Bond University graduates are highly self-aware and self-directed individuals who consistently exhibit initiative and persistence in pursuit of their goals. They are resilient and adaptable in facing ambiguous or complex challenges, enabling them to achieve success in an uncertain and challenging future.

Bond University graduates are socially adept with strong interpersonal skills. They foster productive relationships whilst negotiating challenging situations and engage positively and constructively in debate. Graduates have developed the ability to reflect on their performance in teams and seek feedback from others when required.

Bond University graduates are strong collaborators who lead or contribute to the outcomes of effective teams (team work). Bond University graduates communicate successfully using available channels.

Bond University graduates embrace inclusiveness whilst valuing the rich diversity of others from different backgrounds within changing environments. They demonstrate appreciation and respect for the  unique historic, social, cultural and ethical values and traditions of populations such as the First Peoples of Australia and other groups throughout the world (cultural capability). Bond University graduates value biodiversity and recognise the importance of sustainable development, whilst demonstrating a commitment and responsibility to community.

Bond University graduates take responsibility for their actions and understand the need for personal accountability. They employ integrity, professionalism and ethical decision making to all aspects of their enterprise.