Testimonials: Mike Grenby

Mike currently teaches entry level journalism, travel writing and freelance journalism and public speaking.

Mike was born in London however grew up in Vancouver (BA at the University of B.C.), and gained his post-graduate qualification at New York's Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism (MSc - High Honours).

Mike has worked as a Journalist in Canada specialising in personal finance; wrote a nationally syndicated personal financial advice column which appeared in as many as 54 papers every week. He has written 10 books, including Suddenly...It's You! and A Guide for Lottery Winners. Mike also worked as a fee-only personal financial advisor in Canada - both counselling individuals and also addressing audiences of up to 1,000 on how to manage their money.

Professor Grenby moved to Australia in 1998 to take a one-year position as Visiting Journalist - and stayed on to both continue teaching journalism and also to introduce and teach the Core subject, Public Speaking: Presentation Skills for Leaders.

Awards Mike has won include the Bond University "Most Innovative Course Design" and Australian Teaching and Learning Council Citation for "Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning." He is regularly invited to put on Bond's Public Speaking course (which has been written up in the Harvard Business Review) internationally, ranging from Cambridge University and the London School of Economics to the Royal University of Bhutan and Zimbabwe's Hwange Bush Camp School.

“I think the best parts of working at Bond are: (1) Small class sizes offering the opportunity to make a positive difference in students' lives. (2) Feedback from students years later citing the benefits of their Bond experiences, and (3) Supportive colleagues and administration.” Mike Grenby, Nov 2014.

Why Bond? Because of its unique "student experience" learning-teaching focus.