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Giving in action

If ever there were a place to witness your donation to education paying immediate dividends, Bond University is that place.

A casual walk through the campus will reveal:

  • Over 100 recipients of various Scholarships – outstanding students whose experience at Bond was made possible by generous individuals and organisations.
  • Debates, plays and performances in the ADCO Amphitheatre and Alumni Court – a dynamic, multi-purpose area that overlooks the Lake and was built with the support of local businesses, individuals and community groups.
  • The spectacular Abedian School of Architecture, built by Sunland Group with significant financial support from Dr Soheil Abedian.
  • The Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre, a technology-rich educational environment that offers collaborative study spaces and the latest audiovisual and computer technology. Developed with generous funding from The Balnaves Foundation.
  • The beautifully-appointed John & Alison Kearney Main Library and Law Library, which are equipped with the latest facilities, including electronic readers, which enable more students to access the texts they need.
  • Plus various other learning and teaching facilities, made possible thanks to generous individuals and organisations.

Generous donations to the Bond University Ambition Fund have also significantly enhanced the student experience. In 2017:

  • The Student Opportunity Fund provided funding to over 60 students, allowing them to taking advantage of international work and study opportunities.
  • The Law Library recently underwent a major renovation in 2017-2018.
  • Significant upgrades were made to Bond's indoor and outdoor student learning spaces.
  • Additional research funding was provided to the Centre for East-West Cultural & Economic Studies and the Clem Jones Centre for Regenerative Medicine.
  • The Academic Support Fund assisted students facing genuine financial hardship by providing $500 laptop and $300 textbook bursaries.
  • The Elite Athlete Fund assisted student-athletes to purse sporting excellence at various national and international competitions.
  • $100,000 was raised to provide seed funding for start-ups in the Transformer, a program designed to encourage exploration, enable innovation and enhance entrepreneurial skills.
  • Four high-achieving alumni were awarded Alumni Scholarships to assist in furthering their studies at world-class international institutions.

Each time you give to Bond, you are making a positive, immediate difference to our students, and your legacy will be evident for years to come. Funds are invested into our facilities, research and learning resources to provide enriched educational opportunities, enjoyed by all Bond students.