The world of work has changed a lot over the past decade. Globalisation and evolving technology have, and will continue to contribute to careers placing an increased focus on the ability of graduates to apply employability skills and attributes in the workplace.

Internships and graduate roles are a fantastic way to enter and experience the workforce. Here at the Career Development Centre we offer some exciting options in going that one step further, to undertake an internship during your degree or seek a role overseas upon graduating!

Undergraduate students, further to the invaluable experience, it is also a great way to earn Beyond Bond points.

Internships outside Australia

Must have 30 to 40CP of General Elective subjects available within your degree. Achieve full-time study overseas for the semester, by combining an internship with some academic courses at partner institutions. Currently offering options during January and/or September semesters, for USA (Washington DC), China (Shanghai), Santiago or Concepcion (Chile), and Belgium (Brussels).

Visit the CDC to discuss options available with third party providers, to undertake an internship where you will have a variety of locations to choose from across the globe.  This option may be applicable to achieve 10CP equating to one General Elective subject (please note this will depend on the student’s degree, for Faculty of Society & Design students, specific codes apply), program fees apply. 

Visit the CDC If you have found an international internship experience you plan to apply towards academic credit, and we can discuss the process for approval in the lead up to departure.

Internships overseas: funding and grants

University and government funding is available through the CDC for students to support expenses incurred whilst interning abroad (the internship must be for academic credit). The amounts and categories of funds available will change year to year, and depend on the program applied for. Visit the CDC to enquire about options for the semester you intend to conduct your internship.

Applying for an internship

Students should be in their third semester or further when submitting applications, as a minimum two semesters’ worth of marks will be required for eligibility assessment.  However, we certainly encourage you to start thinking and planning from your first semesters!

GPA requirements: All students must have a GPA of 2.5 or above.
Beyond Bond requirements: All students must have completed minimum 50 Beyond Bond points at time of application.

Visit the CDC to book an initial consultation with the Manager for International Career Development.  This session will be to discuss your options and advise of any specific considerations depending on your degree and study circumstances. 

Required application documentation and stages of applications will depend upon which internship program you are applying for, however please note initial applications will always be due to the CDC by Week 6, two semesters before your intended internship semester (e.g. Week 6 of a January semester if interning the following September semester).


Graduate resources for jobs outside Australia

Our students and alumni have access to fantastic systems providing access to information on graduate roles (or general job vacancies) based overseas.