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Examinations & assessments process

The following information is designed to help you understand the examinations and assessments process.

  • Most end-of-semester examinations are held in the Sports Hall and are administered by the Student Business Centre.
  • The Faculty manages all mid-semester examinations and some end-of-semester assessments.
  • You should not make any travel plans during the end-of-semester examination period.
  • Travel is not a valid reason for granting a deferred examination.
  • You may receive a fail grade if you are not available to sit a scheduled examination.

Preparing for examinations

Please contact Student Business Centre if you need help preparing for your examinations.

The printed resources Study Skills Note Theory and Study Strategies Resource Book are available from the Student Business Centre if you require assistance.

Examination timetable

  • The end-of-semester examination timetable is generally published on the Friday of Week 5.
  • Centrally scheduled end-of-semester examinations normally begin on the Friday of Week 13 and continue until the Saturday of Week 14.
  • The number of days required to schedule all examinations can vary depending on the number of subjects being examined.

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Examinations process

It is important to familiarise yourself with the requirements and obligations relating to the examinations process.

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Proof of identity

  • You should bring your Student Identification Card to your examinations as proof of your identity.
  • Other photographic identification including your passport or driver’s licence may be acceptable.
  • You may be allowed to sit the examination if you do not have any photographic identification, but your results will be withheld.
  • You will need to provide evidence of your identity to the Student Business Centre to have your results released.

Items prohibited in the examination room

  • Do not carry any unauthorised material into the examination.
  • You will be charged with cheating if you are caught with unauthorised material in an examination room.
  • Unauthorised material includes items such as:
    • Written notes
    • Crib sheets
    • Annotated textbooks
  • Bags or briefcases can not be brought into the examination room.
  • You should leave your bag at home or put it in a locker at the gym; otherwise it will have to be left outside the examination room.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted in the examination room.
  • Mobiles should be turned off and left in your bag.
  • Your mobile will be confiscated if you take it into the examination room.
  • Laptops, programmable calculators, electronic dictionaries and other electronic devices are not permitted in the examination room.
  • You will be charged with cheating if you are found to be carrying an electronic device in the examination room.

Deferred examinations

  • You may apply for a deferred examination if you are unable to sit an examination.
  • A medical issue is the most common reason to apply for deferral.
  • Applications for deferred examinations must be lodged with the Student Business Centre before the examination starts or within two working days after the scheduled examination date.

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Release of results

  • You will be able to view your results on eStudent after the Monday of Orientation Week.
  • Contact the relevant department if a sanction is preventing you from accessing your results.
  • Contact Cashiers for a fee sanction.
  • Contact the Library for a library sanction.
  • For all other sanctions contact the Student Business Centre.

Review of Grade

  • The application to review of a final subject examination or other final assessment item must be lodged via eStudent online form after you meet with the original decision maker for the subject.
  • This application must be lodged no later than the first Wednesday of the semester following examination(s), or within fourteen (14) days of the official final result.
  • You must attach a written statement to support your application which includes the grounds on which you are appealing the academic decision or mark.
  • A Review of Grade may lead to no change or to a less favourable or more favourable outcome.
  • In the event of no change of result, a charge of $50 per subject will be charged to your account.
  • The review may take several weeks depending on the availability on appropriate academic staff.

Examinations for other institutions

Bond University can assist with examinations for other Institutions including Universities, Colleges, Institutions of further education and training, and other certified course providers who have students studying on the Gold Coast. This service is extended to organisations in Australia and overseas.

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