About the Centre for Comparative Construction Research

CCCR currently occupies a niche position by specialising in research on performance and productivity issues of the global construction industry, and other matters relating to comparative construction, such as project management effectiveness, building quality, building refurbishment and retrofit, bidding theory, green building design, environmental impact and infrastructure procurement and finance. Our designated field of research (FoR) remains 1202 Building.

Our activities are built on three pillars: (1) producing high quality publications, (2) building collaborative partnerships, and (3) attracting external funding. CCCR aims to provide a supportive training environment for higher degree by research (HDR) students and an advisory service to local industry.

Core objectives comprise:

  • Publish research outcomes in well-respected international journals.
  • Partner with colleagues from academia and industry to work on larger problems and to share expertise.
  • Apply for external grants through the Australian Research Council.
  • Establish a critical mass of HDR students and research assistants supported, where possible, by external funds.
  • Undertake consultancy services through Research Services.
  • Host events to promote the work of the Centre.

Our objectives for the next three years are to build our reputation and influence, expand our international reach, and improve our performance metrics to the level of a University research centre.

CCCR has five members who are full-time continuing appointments at Bond University (all in the Faculty of Society & Design) and five external members who are well known in the area of comparative construction research. The internal members will comprise Professor Craig Langston (Director), Professor Jim Smith, Professor Michael Regan and Associate Professor Rick Best.

The external members continue to comprise Professor Jim Meikle (University College London, and Adjunct Professor Bond University), Dr Stephen Gruneberg (University of Westminster), Associate Professor Malcolm Abbott (Swinburne University), Gerard de Valence (University of Technology, Sydney) and Gary Emmett (Turner and Townsend). Professor Kuldeep Kumar (Bond Business School) is an advisor on matters of statistics and analysis.

Existing collaborators include Paul Thomas (AECOM, London), Chris Carson (Unitec, NZ), Adjunct Professor Göran Runeson (University of Technology, Sydney), Professor Ken Walsh (San Diego State University), Professor Heng Li (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Professor Martin Loosemore (University of NSW), and Professor Liyin Shen (Chongqing University).

International Collaborations

CCCR manages two current international collaborations.

The UN-Habitat University Partnership (established in 2011) provides access to UN data and UN-sponsored conferences such as the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012

The International Research Alliance for Sustainable Development (established in 2013) with Chongqing University, University of Montreal, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, NICMAR, University of Florida, and UWS is undertaking research into sustainable practices in the built environment where Bond’s contribution relates to green building performance and the measurement of ‘workplace ecology’.

International book project

Best, R. and Meikle, J. (2014) Measuring the construction industry: prices, output and productivity, Taylor & Francis (in press).

This book includes chapters from a number of CCCR members and external collaborators from around the world. It includes most of the recent work of the Centre, and is due out in September 2014.

Turner and Townsend’s International Construction Cost Survey 2013

The Centre contributed to Turner and Townsend’s International Construction Cost Survey, in 2013 and future editions, through the provision of the PPP methodology used to present comparative cost data for 23 countries. Find out more about the underpinning working paper that led to this collaboration.

CFMEU (Victoria) consultancy

Best, R., Langston, C., de Valence, G. and Meikle, J. (2013) A State-based comparative study of construction productivity in Australia, Centre for Comparative Construction Research, Bond University (not available).

The basic aim of the study is to assess the relative productivity of the building industry in Victoria compared to that in other states in Australia and to the general level of productivity in the Australian industry. It is thus a benchmarking exercise that is intended to inform the client (CFMEU) and others of where the Victorian industry sits from a productivity perspective relative to the rest of the country.

There a number of terms used freely in the literature related to the areas of construction cost and productivity comparisons that are often not clearly defined. Some are used interchangeably when in fact they may have quite discrete definitions that mean that they can’t be used as freely as they are. In an effort to clarify the terminology in use the Centre has established a wiki style Glossary of Terms. The intention is that the Glossary is available for reference to anyone who is interested. The Glossary is being compiled collaboratively by members of the CCCR and others who are invited to contribute.

If you have any comments or you are interested in contributing to the Glossary please contact Rick Best (Project Coordinator).

Recent competitive external funding (core team only)

2014 – Chan, E., Langston, C. A framework for the analysis of embodied carbon and construction cost of heritage conservation projects, Hong Kong RGC Project HK$690,000.

2009 - 2012 – Langston, C., Smith, J., Herath, G., Datta, S., Doloi, H., Crawford, R.H., Making better decisions about built assets: learning by doing, ARC Linkage Project $180,000 (plus $135,000 industry cash) LP0990261 (Industry partners: Williams Boag Architects and Assetic Australia).

2012 - 2014 – Love, P., Ekambaram, P., Smith, J., Davis, P, Infrastructure project delivery: a life cycle evaluation model for public private partnerships, ARC Linkage Project $90,000 (plus $75,000 industry cash) LP120100347 (Industry partners: John Holland Pty Ltd and WA Department of Treasury and Finance).

2014 - 2016 – Love, P., Ackermann, F., Smith, J., Ekambaram, P, Error mitigation in infrastructure projects, ARC Discovery Project $375,000 DP140100718.

2012 – Best, R., Langston, C., de Valence, G., Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union of Victoria $22,500.