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As the world responds to challenges raised by the global pandemic, businesses are turning to virtual solutions to innovate and connect.

Bond Business School will be using technology and online tools to take the mentor program global, allowing new undergraduate students to receive personalised mentorship from all over the world.

“The Bond Business School mentor program is a support service that will continue virtually for all new Bond Business School undergraduate students,” explains Head of Student Mentoring, Karin Hanna.

“Every new Bond Business School student will have a virtual call to welcome them to the program, where we have a discussion to learn more about them and undertake a personalised SWOT analysis.

“We’ll undergo the same process with student mentors, which will allow us to match them with their most suitable mentor and arrange the best time for mentoring.”

The program will be highly personalised and interactive, with Zoom calls and Facebook groups utilised to connect students with each other and their mentors.

Fortnightly exercises will take place using a variety of online tools to build a sense of community, resilience and develop teamwork skills in a virtual world.

“While they may not be on campus for the first semester, they are still a Bondy,” says Karin.

“That means they have endless support to help them, to and to also see how they can help others, too.”

To apply for the program or to find out how to become a mentee, students can contact Karin Hanna, Head of Student Mentoring [email protected]