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There’s more to this degree than meets the eye.

Some might say it’s still fundamentally a business degree, but there’s a twist.

Bond University’s Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Transformation caters to a new breed of business-minded students for the new world of work.

Students who want to develop a business skillset, but who also want to explore their curiosity, challenge norms, think big and solve global problems.

The new breed of student

Bond Business School’s Associate Professor of Global Strategy Dr Gary Bowman, who played a key role in developing the program, says the degree was designed to cater to the jobs of the future, with an emphasis on innovation, analytics and problem-solving.

“This is for the student who wants to be bold, who wants more than a standard business degree; they want to become disruptors, and that means learning some cool skills and thinking about global issues,” he explains.

“This is not about heavy technical stuff, this is about learning how to speak the language of business, innovation and data analytics and work within teams to create change.”

The details

Students will undertake subjects designed to nurture critical thinking and well-rounded graduates. New subjects include Big Data Infrastructure, Emerging issues in health analytics, Foundations of Enterprise and Graphic design and Content Creation, equipping students with the skills they’ll need to stand out now, and into the future.

“The degree has two aspects to it - entrepreneurial skills and transformational skills,” Dr Bowman explains.

“They will establish their skillset in business and entrepreneurship, which will get them to that initial job interview.

“The Transformation part is all about exploring curiosity, putting ideas together and developing problem-solving skills. This is what will make them stand out and land them the job.”

As part of the Transformation CoLab, students will undertake projects with industry partners and peers across disciplines to solve real problems and gain valuable experience while they’re still at university.

Transformation CoLab programs have a strong focus on transdisciplinary collaboration and innovation

The future is innovative

The future of innovation will be driven by data and the changing industry requires professionals who can translate data and analytics into business opportunities.

“Both big and small businesses are going to need people who have an awareness of analytics and data and know how to interpret that to make informed decisions,” says Dr Bowman.

“If we want to innovate, most of those ideas are going to come from a data-driven approach. The great thing about data is that it cuts across all industries; it doesn’t matter if you’re in agriculture, marketing or healthcare, it’s about understanding the gaps in the market and presenting your idea.”

What's next?

Graduates of this degree could go on to work in a diverse variety of roles, including consulting to big and small businesses.

“You will be the one asking the questions and solving problems,” Dr Bowman says.

“There’s a new wave of business-needs coming, and we need well-rounded students with a strong variety of skill to fill these jobs, some that we may not even know exist yet.”

Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Transformation

For the career of the future, you'll need the degree of the future. Study a Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Transformation in 2020.

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