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January 20, 2021

Far from a sign of trouble, forgetfulness could indicate brain efficiency

Have you ever run into a work colleague at the supermarket and failed to recognise them? Blame your brilliant, lazy brain. A new study led by Assistant... Read more

January 15, 2021

Elite athletes set to have a ball on campus

They hail from opposite ends of the country and play different sports but this trio all share a common goal of winning premierships with the Bond University... Read more

January 13, 2021

New students have already aced life lessons

Bond University has welcomed the ‘Class of COVID’ to its sandstone campus and the new students are drawing positives from a year they will never forget. The... Read more

January 11, 2021

VaxVisa app verifies COVID-19 test results

As vaccines roll out and the world looks to a future beyond COVID-19, a Bond University student has come up with a high-tech solution to help people travel... Read more

January 11, 2021

Bond architecture students build winning app

They’ve finished their studies, now three budding architects are using technology to make learning easier for the next generation of students, while also... Read more

January 7, 2021

Bond students explore brewing cultural shift in Gold Coast industrial estates

Bond University students are mapping the hipster-fication of Gold Coast industrial areas where workshops and warehouses are being taken over by craft breweries... Read more

December 15, 2020

Building a better business with bots

Neeti Mehta Shukla’s journey to Silicon Valley success began with a cup of coffee. In 2003, six years after graduating from Bond University with an MBA, after... Read more

December 14, 2020

Family ties inspire Bond's first Indigenous medical graduates

Growing up, Myora Stone’s Indigenous heritage was a centrepiece of her life. For Brioney Keats, her ancestry was a later discovery. Recently the pair’s... Read more

December 11, 2020

Bond launches world-first climate law degree

Bond University is launching the world’s first climate law degree for undergraduate students who want to fix the system from the inside. The university’s... Read more

December 10, 2020

Paramedic to breathe new life into construction industry

A paramedic who retrained as a quantity surveyor hopes to combine her careers to build better hospitals and ambulance stations. Tamara Burow graduated from... Read more