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Construction, property and planning

For the creators and city makers


The construction and property sectors are some of the largest continually expanding industries in the world. As populations boom here in Australia and globally, so do urbanisation and the imminent need to meet the demands of this rapid growth. Central to these processes are sustainable development practices across city planning, property development and valuation, building, and construction.  

Our programs are designed by active industry professionals, meaning our students gain access to a range of professional benefits while studying. From turning construction sites into a classroom to bringing the corporate world to campus, you’ll have the opportunity to produce work for real clients and expand your networks in the process. Our programs are underpinned by key principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to ensure you’re equipped with the ‘green’ technical knowledge and skills essential to future-proof not only the world we live in, but also your career.

If you are organised, practically minded and have an interest in growth and sustainability, then consider a career in construction, property or planning – it might just be for you. 

For those who want to shape the future of our homes, communities and cities.

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