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International relations, politics and arts

For the globally minded, the citizens of the world


The world around us is ever-changing.

Whether it’s technologically, societally, environmentally, scientifically, or in another arena entirely, it’s undeniable that our world is rapidly evolving. As global citizens, we’re inextricably linked to what is happening in our own backyard, and halfway across the world. If you want to stand up and have a say in the current topics dominating global consciousness, perhaps studying international relations, politics or arts could be your calling.  

International relations explores the fascinating interconnected web of international relationships and the factors that shape them such as politics, ideologies, diplomacy, governance, war and peace, security, and climate change.

If you are thinking about engaging in politics then consider programs designed for the trailblazers amongst us that draws on legal policy, government, philosophy, and economics or interdisciplinary themes with a global perspective. A strong foundation in politics or global studies from Bond University will prepare you for a career in public governance, public leadership, and ultimately, public influence.  

Are you interested in studying the arts? You can select from a wide range of study options including philosophy, languages and cultures, and Australian studies. At the postgraduate level, you can also learn how to become an English teacher and engage with students from all over the world. Studying arts will establish a strong knowledge base that can then be applied to a huge range of disciplines. Perfect for both the creative minds and the change-makers, pursuing the arts will enable you to follow your passions and interests through a tailored study program.  

Whichever program you choose, you will gain the adaptable, multidisciplinary skill set required to prepare you for the fast-paced, global demands of the 21st century. 

For those who want to create a better, more connected and understanding world.

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