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For the argument winners and critical thinkers


More than ever, the world needs legal minds – confident and capable individuals equipped with the necessary skills to tackle big problems across a range of sectors, from the corporate world to family law, criminal justice, and even climate change. Recognised as one of Australia’s top law schools for both domestic and international students, the Bond University Faculty of Law is an ideal training ground for the innovative, adaptive and passionate professionals of tomorrow.

If practising law is your goal, begin the journey with our Bachelor of Laws or, for postgraduate students, the Juris Doctor. Taught by legal experts with decades of industry experience, our programs not only focus on imparting legal knowledge, but also work to develop crucial ‘lawyering’ skills – problem solving, innovation, time management, compassion and more – to prepare you for the workforce. If you’d prefer to learn more about how great legal minds can shape the world, and hone your skills for a specific niche, we offer several undergraduate and postgraduate programs that lay legal foundations but will not qualify you for admission as a lawyer.

For those who value the truth and want to see justice in action. 

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