Fees & other costs

Fee-Help Loan and SA-Help

Fee-Help Loan and SA-Help Loan information is available for Australian citizens and for New Zealand citizens who meet the eligibility requirements. Country specific financial aid information for non-Australian citizens is available on our Country Support section. Use the links below to view fee and expenses information:

Tuition fees

Tuition fees vary depending on your choice of degree and if you are an Australian or international student. Bond University reviews its fees on an annual basis and these fees are subject to change without notice. The fees that are published are the tuition fees charged for the year indicated. For all coursework degrees, the tuition fee is charged on a per subject basis. 

Fees must be paid at the start of each semester. View the payment methods page to see how you can pay your fees.

Australian Permanent Residency/Citizenship

An international student, who is granted Australian Permanent Resident status or Australian Citizenship before the census date of the teaching period in which the student is enrolled, will be considered for a full fee paying domestic place in the same program subject to the following requirements.

Students must provide original/certified documentary evidence of their Australian Permanent Resident Status (visa date stamp in passport) or Australian citizenship certificate and pay fees upfront by the census date for the teaching period.   Students who wish to access FEE-HELP must complete the Request for Commonwealth Assistance Form by the census date of their first teaching period.

If a student fails to successfully complete all necessary requirements detailed by the census date of the teaching period, they will remain an international student liable for international student tuition fees for that teaching period.

View the following fee schedules for specific degree and program costs:


Other costs

The costs of books, stationery, software and other resources tend to be the same at most universities – allow around $300 per semester.

To help off-set these costs, sell your old textbooks and buy second-hand texts at the Bond Book Sale held during O’Week before the start of each semester.

The Bond University Student Services and Activities Fee, aims to provide a balanced, practical approach to funding campus services and amenities of a non-academic nature, such as sporting and recreational activities, student advocacy and legal services, employment and career advice, orientation activities and food services. The Student Activities Fee is an amount that all enrolled students are required to pay to support these services regardless of whether the student chooses to use any of the amenities or services or their level of engagement with these services.

The Bond University Student Association (BUSA) is a not-for-profit, voluntary incorporated association comprising current students who are elected to serve twelve month terms. As such, BUSA’s services are funded by the Student Activities Fee which is charged in accordance with the Higher Education Legislation Amendment (Student Services and Amenities) Bill 2010.

BUSA coordinates a wide range of student events, activities and services, and more than 70 active on-campus clubs and societies, as well as representing students in all academic, sporting and recreational forums within the University.

In addition to the activities and resources provided by BUSA, the Student Activities Fee also cover full student access to our on-campus Sports Centre.

The Student Activities Fee is due for payment at the start of each semester with all other fees. Continuing students’ access carries over to the next semester. New students can access facilities and services when they are enrolled for their first semester.

2018 fees

Full-time students (study load of 30 credit points or more)

$99.00 per semester
Part-time students (study load of less than 30 credit points)$74.50 per semester
2019 fees

Full-time students (study load of 30 credit points or more)

$101.00 per semester
Part-time students (study load of less than 30 credit points)$75.75 per semester

The annual amount is CPI adjusted each year.

Payment options

Australian citizens and holders of an Australian Permanent Humanitarian visa who are enrolled in a program at Bond University are eligible to defer their Student Activities Fee through a loan program called SA-HELP.  Eligible students must complete the SA-HELP form through eStudent and provide their tax file number by the census date of the semester. There is no administrative loan fee for SA-HELP and there is no interest on the debt. The accumulated HELP debt is indexed annually. Repayment arrangements will be the same as other HELP loans.

Students who withdraw from subjects or programs after the census date for that semester will not be eligible for remission of the SA-HELP debt or refunds of fees already paid. 


Students enrolled in Higher Degree by Research, 4th and 5th year Medical Program, online programs, Student for a Semester, and most staff who are studying, are exempt from paying the Student Activities Fee.

However, Higher Degree Research students, 4th and 5th year Medical Program students, and students enrolled in online programs DO NOT have access to the range of student events, activities and student services offered by BUSA and the Sports Centre. To access these services, students are required to pay the Student Activities Fee. Payment can be made online www.bond.edu.au/pay or at the Cashier's Office. Proof of payment is then presented to the Sports Centre for access.

Exemption can also be related to a program of study where a student will not be required to be on campus for the semester, for example a clinical placement, full-time external studies, approved exchange program or approved externships. In these cases, students may apply to the Director, Student and Academic Services for an exemption. Applications must be made in writing by the census date for the semester using the application for exemption from Student Activities Fee form.

If you are not living with friends or family, you will need to budget for on campus or off campus accommodation. Check the Accommodation Fees for costs pertaining to on campus residences and information regarding off-campus arrangements.

A weekly cleaning and linen service is included with on campus accommodation.

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The dining plan is included in the on campus accommodation rate. Other costs that should be considered include personal items, social outings, transportation and miscellaneous living costs.

There is no charge for parking at Bond University.

Payment options

View the Payment methods for payment due dates and the various options available for paying your fees.