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Communication, film and creative media

For the creative souls and deep thinkers


We encounter their talents in our daily lives – they’re the writers behind the scripts, the tech crew behind the cameras, the journalists and presenters reporting on our news channels, the directors and producers bringing movies to life, the strategists creating and implementing meaningful promotional campaigns, and content creators whose social media posts, podcasts and articles grab our attention. In a world where storytelling is the beating heart of the human experience, the demand for compelling communicators, film and creative media professionals is rising along a strong trajectory.

Future-proof your career with the ability to adapt to jobs, businesses and industries that have yet to be imagined with Bond University’s suite of communications, film and creative media programs. Studies in this area will equip you with the dynamic skillset necessary to excel in your chosen career and adapt to new and emerging media.  

You’ll learn from academics who not only currently work in the industry, but are leaders in their chosen fields. Depending on your program and subjects, you’ll be mentored by award-winning people like author and former Byron Writers Festival Chair, Jennifer St George, who teaches creative writing and social media strategy; award-winning smartphone photographer and videographer, Rob Layton; strategic communication and advertising experts, Michele Clark and Sven Brodmerkel; former ABC executive producer, Dr Julie Browning; and screenwriters, producers and directors including Dr Michael Sergi, Dr Darren Fisher, Chris Fitchett, Marc Rosenberg and Dr. Scott Knight

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Behind the scenes of Bond’s Film & TV studios

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Behind the scenes of Bond’s Film & TV studios

For the digitally minded, the ones who always have an idea to share.

Explore communication, film and creative media

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A film that challenges the perceptions of living with a disability

A film that challenges the perceptions of living with a disability

An inspirational Gold Coast-backed film about six people born with disabilities has recently been released. No Distinguishing Features was directed and filmed by three Bond University alumni and took four years to produce. 

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