How to apply for the Bond Law Clinic programs

How to volunteer

  1. Contact the Law Students' Association at [email protected]  Week 1 of the semester for an Application Form and instructions.
  2. Those interested in volunteering at the Bond Law Clinic should submit a current Curriculum Vitae (CV), Bond University transcript, and covering letter to [email protected] . Your covering letter should include why you would like to become involved and what you hope to gain from the experience. Your CV and covering letter should be no more than two pages each. Applications will be considered on merit and shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an interview.
  3. There are  usually volunteer positions available in five clinics every semester. Numbers may vary but as a guide: 11 volunteers in the Commercial Law Clinic, 6-10 in the Human Rights Clinic, 4 in the Community Law Clinic, 4 in the Criminal Law Clinic and 5 in the Immigration Law Clinic.
  4. If you are unsuccessful you may apply again.
  5. Students may note their order of preference to volunteer at one of the following Clinics: