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Bond Legal Clinics Program

Welcome from the Clinics Coordinator

Assistant Professor Dr Tammy Johnson

Being a lawyer is more than just possessing the theoretical knowledge acquired at law school. If you want to be an outstanding lawyer, in addition to that theoretical knowledge, you need a diverse skill set; keen analytical skills, a logical approach to problem-solving, expert research and writing abilities, and effective communication skills. 

Outstanding lawyers establish genuine connections with those around them including clients, colleagues, and superiors. They demonstrate empathy towards clients' objectives and ensure that the law is properly applied within that context. 

The law learned at law school only becomes “real” when it is put into practice. The Bond Legal Clinics Program gives law students invaluable opportunities to gain hands-on experience under the guidance of seasoned legal professionals and academics across various legal fields.

Students in the Bond Legal Clinics Program engage in invaluable experiential learning and gain unique networking prospects, with only a modest commitment of time over a single semester. From courtroom observations to collaborative projects supervised by seasoned legal practitioners and academics, students get a taste of real-world legal practice. Also, participation in the Bond Legal Clinics Program also fulfils Beyond Bond core subject requirements.

Detailed information regarding the prerequisites and available Clinic options is available on the respective Clinic webpages, or you can contact me or our Clinics Manager, Amy Leong directly.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey to become the best lawyer you can be. 

Assistant Professor Tammy Johnson

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The Law Clinic Experience: A Guidebook for Students

Students seeking the opportunity to volunteer within the Bond Legal Clinics Program, are encouraged to review The Law Clinic Experience: A Guidebook for Students.  The guidebook provides tips on applications and lots more.


The information on this page is for current Bond law students. 

If you are a member of the community seeking free legal advice from the Bond Law Clinic, please review details below.

Bond Law Clinic

The Bond Law Clinic provides free legal advice to the community and is an invaluable service.  if you are seeking to make an appointment or get free legal advice from the Bond Law Clinic, you can find more information on the official clinic webpage.  Click the button below.

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