Academic calendar

The standard academic calendar consists of three semesters (typically, 13 weeks of instruction and 1 week of examinations).

The calendar presents the basic chronological structure of the three semesters in an academic year.

Semester dates 2017

Event/ActivityWeekJan Semester (171)May Semester (172)Sept Semester (173)
Result release from previous semesterBond Week9 January8 May4 September
Registration for new studentsBond Week10 January9 May5 September
OrientationBond WeekOrientation Expo 11 JanuaryOrientation Expo 10 MayOrientation Expo  6 September

Deferred Examinations (for end of semester exams from previous semester)*

Bond Week11-13 January10-12 May6-8 September

Last day to pay current semester fees

Bond Week13 January12 May8 September
CLASSES COMMENCEWeek 116 January15 May11 September
Last day to request review of grade for previous semesterWeek 118 January17 May13 September
Last day to request change of program for current semesterWeek 120 January19 May15 September
Last day to submit Request for FEE-HELP and SA-HELP Assistance FormWeek 227 January26 May22 September

Last day to cancel or substitute subjects without financial penalty

Week 229 January28 May24 September
Late penalty fee of $250 to cancel subject enrolment (Late Cancellation 1 date)Week 330 January29 May25 September
Late penalty fee of $500 to cancel subject enrolment (Late Cancellation 2 date)Week 46 February5 June2 October
Last withdrawal dateWeek 410 February9 June6 October
Census date (a)Week 410 February9 June6 October
Graduation CeremonyWeek 411 February10 June7 October
Examination Timetable releasedWeek 517 February16 June13 October
 Week 620 February19 June16 October
Last day to cancel subjects without academic penalty (a) (b)Week 73 March30 June27 October
 Week 86 March3 July30 October
 Week 913 March10 July6 November
Continuing student enrolment opens

Week 10

20 March17 July13 November
Class registration for all students opensWeek 1127 March24 July20 November

New student enrolment opens

Week 1127 March24 July20 November
Last day for continuing students to enrol for the following semester without financial penalty

Week 12

7 April4 August1 December
MBBS Graduation CeremonyWeek 13  6 December
Examinations commence (exams will be held on Sunday 23 April and Monday 24 April)

Week 13

13 April11 August8 December
Examinations end **Week 1424 April19 August16 December
SEMESTER ENDS **Week 1424 April19 August16 December
BreakWeek 1525 April21 August18 December
BreakWeek 161 May28 August25 December
Break Week 17  1 January

Please note that in all cases other than Easter and ANZAC Day, when a public holiday falls within a semester, classes/examinations will be scheduled.

* Dates are subject to review
** In January semester (171) Week 14 is extended to include Monday 24 April

(a) The above dates relate to standard full-semester subjects. Intensive and half unit subjects have other dates.
(b) 'WF - Withdrawn Fail' grade is awarded after this date.